Well, the question I get asked frequently isn’t  “who are you, Miss. Worldpeace?¨ But more like ” who do you think you are calling yourself that?”

I’ll have to admit  the name itself, is a bit self-righteous.

However, I am not self-proclaimed Miss Worldpeace, because I feel that I´m this holier-than thou person, who´s always politically correct and sees everyone as evil or clueless sheeple.  No, the moniker actually was inspired by non-other than Ron Artest, that´s right, The LA Lakers’ forward.

As I was creating my Instagram account, it was clear what kind of content I wanted to post and what message I was trying to promote in the realms of social media, however I couldn´t come up with a feminine yet thought-provoking username, so I just left it as ¨Lola Alejandra¨, till one day I was reading an article on Espn.com, and the news that day was that Artest, Metta world peace had signed with the Lakers again and as corny as it sounds, it just clicked in my head ¨Metta Worldpeace…Miss Worldpeace¨.

Honestly, the name is just clever wordplay that  incidentally correlates with my values, ideals and identity.

The woman behind the personal brand is  26 year old Colombian- Miami Native currently based in Bogotá D.C Colombia. Major in Foreign languages and specialize in International Relations and Human Rights. Initially participating in the Best Buddies Program back in high school, then after the 2010 Haiti earthquake moved towards humanitarian efforts  and activism , the March against GMO Monsanto back in 2014 being my first march/protest.

The sole purpose of this blog, is to write everything that I think/discuss regarding self-awareness, music, current events, world issues; ranging from humanitarian efforts documented in photojournalism to mental health issues, human rights violations and even the occasional political posts.


Because it´s important for me to use the voice I have been given, I am not a public figure in real life nor on social media, but I know that there are many individuals: philanthropists, activists, photographers, writers even the regular Joe trying to be a better person, through small deeds that share common interests and when a group of individuals unite for the greater good, through awareness or in action. WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. 🙂

Soundtrack to this post: More Life,Drake, 2017


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