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“We have a just, legal, constitutional and popular electoral victory,” – Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela´s Elected President, 2013


Fast forward to April 20th 2017, the mother of all protest manifested in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela against the Maduro Administration and his ¨socialist¨ regimen.

In the last 4 years Venezuela has been facing an economic crisis all thanks to government overspending and corruption wreaking havoc for the republic.

To contextualize the problem, the nearly bankrupt country (despite having the largest oil reserve in the world) were forced to plunge oil prices because they ran out of money, and not only did they run out but made the irresponsible and idiotic decision to PRINT OUT money causing the Bolivarian Peso (local currency) to lose its value, so you can say toilet paper is worth more than the Bolivarian peso,

What once was considered the wealthiest country in South America is now facing scarcity and hyperinflation (the highest rate in the world)


In Feb 2016, President Maduro , Hugo Chavez’s successor declared an economic state of emergency, traveling to different parts of the world to meet with other foreign leaders for funding, although he was able to receive funding, it was still not enough to supply the needs of the republic.

The world’s biggest economic crisis has lead its´ citizens to reach their breaking point, expressing it in numerous protest and riots.  The protesters and opposition leaders all demand that the government hold elections, free political prisoners, and reestablish judicial independence and the powers of the National Assembly. In a recent report by the Venezuelan Observatory on Violence (OVV) it calculated that the 2015 murder rate was a shocking 90 per 100,000 residents, a figure considerably higher than other well-known countries for violence like my beloved Colombia and Mexico.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you already know about the universal declaration of human rights and by being up to date with this news, already have identified the numerous human right violations made by the government.


So what can we do?

I’ve always said, you’re either an activist or an in-activist and since 90% of the media is controlled by the Venezuela government, there is no news coverage on the riots and protest, I believe it is our job as global citizens to replicate all the information on our social media platforms and demand our countries to be aids in this crisis.

I also implore all neighboring countries or countries who have had economic or diplomatic ties to come together for the sake of the human lives.  We can’t just sit here and watch the Venezuelan republic kill themselves in anguish and hunger because they are demanding the protection and exercise of their fundamental rights.

My recommendation is that the Venezuelan Supreme Court overturn their order and grant the opposition’s request to impeach President Maduro, a country cannot progress under a corrupt dictatorship, while the Dept. of Foreign relations of Venezuela must work towards reestablishing their diplomatic and commercial relationships and change their foreign policy. By reestablishing relations they can request foreign funding once again, by receiving a fixed income (temporarily) Venezuela Govt can start alleviating scarcity in food and basic supplies.

It´s also imperative that they find other forms of income, not solely depending on oil, because in reality, this was their mistake. 95% of a country´s currency income cannot come from one source, you must have multiple sources. Once other means of income are identified, they must exploit those new found opportunities, thus generating new jobs. New jobs require personnel, with more people working, every one can contribute to the rise in the economy.


I also call on all the countries whom once had a flourishing relationship with Venezuela to provide the all the assistance necessary to the republic, many Venezuelans have left their country to provide a better life for their families and themselves, not because they wanted to but because they needed to, but if we help them back up, there would be no need to leave and thus preventing future migratory issues.

Obviously this is my opinion, and it’s easier said than done, however I believe that in the event of an economic crisis, we all must come together.


¨These are serious internal problems that are undoubtedly being exacerbated, to some extent by U.S. involvement. By rights, we should be trying to support Venezuela to overcome its internal problems, not trying to light fires that will make them worse¨ – Noam Chomsky, Democracy Now, 2015



Photograph. Donaldo Barrios, Instagram

Sountrack to this post,  The Best of Clint Mansell and Hans Zimmer ❤


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